The Eye Test

At R Millican Opticians you will receive a thorough eye examination using the latest equipment.

We value sight more than any other sense and the loss of it is dreaded more than any other long-term health condition.

It is known that fifty percent of all sight loss is avoidable and regular eye tests are an essential part of life.

In addition to detecting common eye condition and changes in vision, an eye test can spot signs of more serious underlying health problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma and eye cancers.

You will:
  1. Be asked about your general health and any medications you are taking
  2. Be asked about any symptoms you might be having
  3. Have your vision and visual balance measured to see if a prescription is required
  4. Receive additional test for various eye conditions including diabetes, glaucoma and age related macula degeneration, depending on your visual needs
  5. Be referred to an ophthalmologist or specialist eye hospital if any abnormalities are noticed
  6. Be asked questions about how you use your sight e.g. work, hobbies, driving etc.

The eye test will be detailed and tailored to your specific requirements, each patient is allocated the time and attention required.

We use a combination of modern technology and experience to maintain or improve your visual status.

All of our optometrists are registered with the General Optical Council (some of whom also work part time at the eye hospital).

Your eye test may include:
  • Autorefraction: a computer reading of your prescription
  • Tonometry: a measurement of the internal eye pressure to help in the detection of glaucoma and other conditions
  • Visual field assessment: a check of your peripheral vision as well as straight ahead
  • Fundus Photography: a detailed colour image of the retina, especially useful for monitoring changes between eye exams and diabetic eye screening. You only have one pair of eyes, look after them and they will serve you well

We provide the highest level
of satisfaction, care and services to our patients.